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Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair replica is available in several colours of bovine leather. Select the colour you desire!
  • Eikenkleur 
  • Skai blue 
  • Skai green 
  • Skai pink 
  • Skai purple 
  • Skai red 
  • Plastic white 
  • Plastic black 
  • Plastic red 
  • Plastic blue 
  • Plastic orange 
  • Plastic olive green 
  • Plastic brown 
  • Plastic green 
  • Plastic yellow 
  • Plastic white shiny 
  • Plastic black shiny 
  • Fiberglass orange 
  • Plastic grey 
  • Fiberglass white 
  • Fiberglass black 
  • Fiberglass green 
  • Fiberglass blue 
  • Tranparant 
  • Tranparant 
  • Tranparant 
  • Walnut 
  • Vinyl black 
  • Vinyl white 
  • Bovine leather black  
  • Bovine leather white  
  • Bovine leather red  
  • Bovine leather brown  
  • Khaki 
  • Mesh white 
  • Mesh black 
  • brown / white  
  • black / white  
  • Cashmere wool blue 
  • Cashmere wool grey 
  • Cashmere wool red 
  • Cashmere wool white 
  • Cashmere wool black 
  • Plastic Pink 
  • Ocean blue 
  • Plastic purple 
  • Fiberglass red 
  • Aniline leather black 
  • Aniline leather white 
  • Flocking crème 
  • Flocking black 
  • Flocking grey 
  • Flocking red 
  • Flocking yellow 
  • Flocking orange 
  • Flocking green 
  • Flocking dark blue 
  • Flocking blue 
  • Bovine leather cognac  
  • Rib fabric lightgrey 
  • Rib fabric brown 
  • Rib fabric anthracite gray 
  • Rib fabric white 
  • Vinyl brown 
  • Vinyl blue 
  • Vinyl red 
  • Vinyl beige 
  • Black metal 
  • White metal 
  • Red metal 
  • Green metal 
  • Blue metal 
  • Pink metal 
  • Orange metal 
  • Sea Blue Leather 
  • Bright Green Leather 
  • Bright Yellow Leather 
  • Pink Leather 
  • Black Wool 
  • Grey Wool 
  • Red Wool 
  • Brown Wool 
  • Vintage Black 
  • Walnut + pony brown 
  • Vintage Tan 
  • Vintage Blue 
  • Cognac/brown 
  • Vintage Grey 
  • Vintage Brown 
  • Silver 
  • Wood Black 
  • Wood Dark 
  • Wood Natural 
  • Wood white 
  • Vintage Red 
  • Vintage White 
  • Ridge black 
  • Ridge red 
  • Ridge grey 
  • Ridge brown 
  • Ridge yellow 
  • Ridge blue 
  • Ridge orange 
  • Ridge limegreen 
  • Ridge lavender 
  • Vinyl red 
  • Vinyl green 
  • Vinyl grey 
  • Vinyl orange 
  • Vinyl purple 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Cotton white 
  • Cotton black 
  • Cotton red 
  • Cotton taupe 
  • Cotton purple 
  • Cotton blue 
  • Aniline leather brown 
  • Aniline leather grey 
  • Aniline leather red 
  • Aniline leather cognac 
  • Plastic taupe 

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Barcelona Chair

Materials Chromed stainless steel, Leather
Color White, Black, Red, Brown, Cognac
Dimensions Width: 75cm x Depth: 75cm x Height: 84cm x Seatheight 40cm
Assembly No assembly required
Designer Mies van der Rohe
Year of original design 1929
Model Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is a very well-known design among the ‘modern classics’.

The Barcelona Chair was designed for the World Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929. This minimalistic lounge chair was realised in co-operation with the friendly architect Lily Reich. It is stated  that the Barcelona Chair has the designer’s character: honest, elegant and without fringes.  His motto “less is more” is therefore emphasised very clearly.

Barcelona Chair material

The Barcelona Chair is characterised by its chrome plated steel frame and its leather seat. The design is inspired by the antique folding chair. You can see this in its x-shaped, polished stainless steel legs. Nowadays, you can find the Barcelona Chair in many office and bank buildings, owning up to its clean and neat design.

Two Barcelona Chairs were first exhibited at the Barcelona International Exposition, both presented in a white goat leather. Nowadays, the Barcelona Chair is available in various colours and types of leather. The Barcelona Chair came with an accompanying footstool, meant as ‘thrones’ for the Spanish king and queen during the opening ceremony of the World Exhibition. Later on, a two and three-seater of the Barcelona Chair were taken into production as well; named the Barcelona Couch. The contemporary Barcelona Chair reproduction is just as attractive, fashionable and functional as the first chair in 1929.  

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