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Welcome to the website of Furnicons.com!

We are honoured by the fact that you have taken the time to visit our website and we hope that we can help you find the interior you have always dreamt of. We are delighted to tell you more about our passionate organisation.
We are Furnicons.com, an organisation specialised in offering design furniture on line . You can realise the interior of your dreams by means of our supply, which has been carefully selected by us. The strength of our organisation lies in the fact that we buy our products directly from the manufacturer and that we do not own expensive office buildings, shop properties or showrooms. In this way, we can always guarantee an excellent price-quality ratio.


•        We have the best price/quality ratio the internet has to offer   
•        We offer a fourteen day money back guarantee
•        We offer a 2-year warranty on all our products
•        Many products are ready for immediate delivery
•        Deliveries are always according to agreements
•        E-mails are answered within 12 hours
        We can be reached by local telephone number throughout Europe
•        Product photos and videos are made of our own products
        We use specialist transport when carrying large furniture




Furnicons.com was established in 2009, with the ambition to familiarise many people with design furniture from the past and the future. The possibility to buy the products directly from manufacturers and artists was an eye-opener for the organisation, considering the prices for which the products could be placed on the market. In some cases, the products were even a 130% cheaper than in the traditional chain of stores. Furnicons soon found , that this concept was and is not only in great demand in the United Kingdom where the company first was established, but throughout the whole of Europe. For this reason Furnicons.com currently supplies products throughout Europe. Customers ranging from Scandinavia to Italy have already decorated their interiors with Furnicons.com designs, with a 100% satisfaction rate!

“Bringing design in reach of everyone to make the world more beautiful”


Excellent service is one of the pivotal aspects of Furnicons.com. Therefore, we will do our best to meet your high expectations for realising your dream interior. We also think it is important to make you smile with our service and to give you a feeling of satisfaction. We do not for example, just place the products you ordered in front of your doorstep without making an appointment first. Employes who do not have passion for customer, customer service or design are therefore not welcome within our organisation. We believe that job satisfaction and having a zest for life is the best way to lead a successful existence and to inspire our fellow human beings. Our team consists of a specialised purchasing department, marketing & design and specialised service teams, located in several countries. We can also be reached in the countries in which we deliver by using a local telephone number. This way we will never impose extra charges if you only have a few questions about our products.


furnicons support team


The purchasing department is always in close contact with the manufacturers to help to improve the quality of our products and to tune prices. The marketing & design department is engaged in producing top quality product photos and videos and to make sure that they can launch the most beautiful offers together with the purchasing department.