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Do you have any questions regarding our products, or a question about a pending order? At the customer support of we are eager to provide you with an appropriate service. We treat customers as we ourselves want to be treated. We do not settle for a dissatisfied customer.

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Top 5 asked questions

1. What is the delivery period for my order? strives to deliver your product as quickly as possible. The order will be processed on the same day if you order before 21:00. However, keep in mind that the processing time of some payment methods is longer than others and that the delivery time may vary depending on the country. Please refer to the page with delivery and return information for all delivery times. We are also dependent on our courier companies. Delivery times may therefore be shorter or longer for particular countries, but unfortunately we have no influence on this. Delivery time:
Germany (1- 2 days)
France (2-3 days)
Netherlands (1 day)
United Kingdom (1 day)
Denmark (2-3 days)
Italy (2-3 days)
Sweden (2-3 days)
Austria (2-3 days)
Belgium (1 day)
2. How can I return my order?
Are you not satisfied with the delivered product or do you have any other questions? You can easily return your order or part of an order via this link. Returning your order is also free of charge.
3. My product is damaged, what do I do?
Please contact our customer service as soon as possible if your product is damaged. We will then be able solve the problem for you quickly. Please contact us via phone and, if you contact us via email, please include photos of the damage to your chairs. +43 (0)720775528 or via email to Whenever you send us an email about damage, please make sure that you send us pictures of the damage so that we can deal with the issue and find an appropriate solution quickly.
4. What does my order status mean?
The different statuses for orders are:
- Pending (payment): the order has been placed, but payment has not been received.
- Processing: Your payment has been received and your order will be processed in our warehouse. (If post-payment was chosen, this status means that we have accepted your order)
- Complete: the order has been sent to you from our warehouse.
5. Where can I find the specifications of the products?
Are you looking for information about the width, height and depth of a particular chair? This information can be found under the photos on the online store. You will find various tabs there that will provide answers to almost all your questions about the product. Any questions? Please contact our customer service via +43 (0)720775528.